We're far from an ordinary clothing company
Did you know that you’re a part of and contribute to something great when shopping with us? Choosing custom-made clothing is a win-win for both you and our planet. Here’s why:

We only produce by order and keep no inventory, resulting in less waste and excessive production. A more sustainable production, to put it short.

Clothes that fit get more wear time, which means you can spend more time looking great in fewer clothes instead of buying lots that don’t fit.

We take pride in fully owning and operating our facilities, ensuring your clothing is made in a good way.

No shady business, just great clothing

We’re in it all the way. That means fully owned and operated facilities in Sri Lanka where we get to be a part of and take responsibility for the whole process - from raw materials to finished products. This also ensures well-compensated workers who, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be anything without.

The people behind your clothes

Who is better suited to be showcased than the people behind our products? And by those, we mean our incredibly talented workers at our facilities in Sri Lanka.

Say goodbye to mass-production

It’s not until you place your order that we begin to produce it. We don’t hold any unnecessary stocks of unflattering ready-to-wear standard sizes, because why should we? There’s more in it for you and our planet to go custom. You’ll get a garment made simply for you and nobody else. Help us take another step away from unsustainable mass-consumption.

We're a 100% CO2 neutral company.

We're a smart company. We believe in transparency and being leaders in innovation and sustainability. We're proud to be 100% carbon-neutral through various projects such as reforestation in Sri Lanka, but we do more than just that. Get to know us on a deeper level and discover the true impact of choosing custom-made clothing.

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